Damien, the Director of Pure Hair is a proud finalist in the Haircut category in the third annual #ONESHOT Hair Awards, the largest hair awards program in the world. Presented by behindthechair.com, this year’s contest received more than 215,000 entries.

Behindthechair.com Founder & CEO Mary Rector-Gable created the awards program to acknowledge a changing world where social media prevails. “Instagram has provided our industry an opportunity to share great work and be acknowledged by fellow hairdressers and clients worldwide,” Rector-Gable said. “We’ve always felt hair awards should have the same type of transparency where everyone is able to see each other’s work. We also wanted to celebrate real hair behind the chair for the very first time. There are so many great hairdressers who don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to pay for a photo shoot, but it doesn’t mean they are any less talented. In fact, the level of talent in these categories is beyond exceptional and many of last year’s winners went on to become educators of major manufacturers.”

For this unprecedented hair competition, behindthechair.com used Instagram as their vehicle of submission. Hairdressers simply uploaded their chosen photos to Instagram and hashtagged their desired categories. In the contest’s first year, behindthechair.com received 47,000 entries. Last year, that number nearly tripled with over 130,000 entries from more than 20 countries! This year, with more than 215,000 entries, proving again that a transparent awards program—one that only requires #ONESHOT posted to Instagram—is what the industry wants.

The winners of #ONESHOT will be announced on Sunday, August 20 at BTC’s 5th Annual COLOR, Cut & Style show in Austin, the industry’s most prestigious and most anticipated event, expecting over 3,000 in attendance. For tickets, go to Behindthechair.com/theshow.
For more information, please contact haleyg@behindthechair.com.

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